Telework situation
The Covid-19 health crisis has forced us to change the way we work and
has passed considerable time since we started teleworking, we would like to know your opinion.

In order to improve, we encourage you to participate in this survey. It won't take more than two minutes.

The information you provide us will be treated completely confidentially.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.
1. What is your level of satisfaction with the telework experience?
2. With teleworking, have you notice differences with your work in the office in related to ……?
 It has improvedMore or less the sameIt has worsenedDon't Know
Communication with your team
Communication with technical department
Communication with superiors
Communication with clients
Solution to technical problems that may have (with computer, VPN, programs ...)
Your commitment, involvement with work and responsibilities
3. In your opinion, do you think the work has increased?
4. Do you think telework prevents you from developing key actions of your work?
5. What are you most appreciating about your experience with teleworking? Check all that you need. is not responsible for the content sent and/or included in a survey/exam.

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